Fire Ground Update
By Member Jeremy Ruffner
October 22, 2019

Over the last year we have made upgrades and changes to Firegrounds in Clearfield County County. Fireground 9 is now simulcast and fireground 12 has been moved to the Western side of the County. These changes were made to help with radio issues to the north and to give us more firegrounds to use along Interstate I-80 when we experience multiple incidents along the I-80 corridor. In addition, we have made slight changes in other portions of the county to provide better coverage.

The new fireground changes will be as follows:

Fireground 12- Jefferson County line to Mile Marker 112

Fireground 9- Mile Marker 113 to Mile Marker 117

Fireground 2- Mile Marker 118 to Mile Marker 120

Fireground 3- Mile Marker 121 to Mile Marker 127

Fireground 9- Mile Marker 128 to Mile Marker 138

Please make every effort to use the newly assigned firegrounds when operating in the redefined areas. We do understand we always have pocket areas in the county were an assigned fireground does not work as well as another and have no issue with command decisions to change if the assigned fireground is not functional.